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I have been shopping loan rates on mortgages and USAA is by far the worst. The first loan officer that was helping me never returned my calls or emails. Am I not important and do they not want our loan? More importantly, once I requested a new loan officer I have received multiple calls every day for the last 4 days from different people trying to compare my loan from another lender. One loan officer managed to sign us up for a VA loan even though we are legacy members? It’s clear that their mortgage department needs work.

Also, I have made it clear to them that I want nothing to do with their loan process but I still receive calls everyday. Where was this service from the beginning? We have decided to use another company for our loan who has much cheaper rates and get some things done right the first time. I hope that the mortgage department isn’t a representation of where this company is headed.




I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback in the Community. I regret to hear of your experience with our mortgage area. This is never the type of experience we like hearing from our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area. They will research your experience and reach out to address your concerns. I hope we can restore your trust in USAA. ~ Gus

Consider yourself lucky that you got out when you did.  I am currently in the process and I can tell you it is not worth the stress. Go with almost any other company and you will do better.  I made the mistake of picking usaa based on one factor of the loan instead of looking at the overall picture, failed to read these boards, and now I am regretting ever having engaged USAA, but am hostage to the process.  I am days away from pulling the plug on this and heading back to quicken or new penn, who know how to get it done and communicate effectively.