Frustrated with customer service from mortgage department

I'm starting to wonder if I should have taken all of the negative comments a little more seriously, but I was really hoping that I would have a different experience because I have always been pretty well satisfied with USAA's customer service in the past.


I'm only writing this post because it looks like it is the only way to get someone from USAA to make contact, as evidenced from their quick reply on others' posts.


I have tried for the last 2 days (I know that doesn't sound like much) to reach my loan officer, his outgoing message says "leave a message and I will return your call by the end of business," I have not heard from him.  I also left a message on his supervisor's voice mail, who has the same outgoing message about returning a message by the end of business.  I've come to realize that they never answer the phone, the only way to maybe reach them is by leaving a voice mail.  I also tried submitting an email, using the link under the loan officer's name, I still haven't heard back.


My problem is that the URLA is FILLED with errors! I have no idea where they got some of the information and numbers they have provided on the application, they certainly are not figures that I provided.


I worked in the mortgage industry with a relative, assisting them with collecting info, drafting URLAs, and making sure the files were complete; so I know that these "minor" errors can result in huge delays, frustration, and possibly getting denied the mortgage. And these days I'm a lawyer who knows you should always read what you sign, and never sign a document with information you know to be inaccurate (that's called misrepresentation).


Is it too much to ask to have a phone call returned?!  Is it possible to be reassigned to a different loan officer, whose workload isn't too much for him?  




Dear mmjj,

Two days is a long time! Please email us at including the details you provided here as well as your member number and the best way to reach you. I am so sorry about the lack of a returned phone call and the errors in your URLA. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you



Hi mmj,

It is my understanding somsone has reached out to you; will you keep us posted if you need anything else? :) Thank you!!

i am also very concerned about USAA's home mortgage staff - and their proficiency. I applied online for a prequal. On the advice of several brokers and after waiting several weeks for a mortgage specialist to reach out to me, I opted to use a different mortgage service. In addition to brokers complaining, friends are also advising me against USAA. I've been with USAA for 17 years and I am convinced that they have outgrown the quality service that made them popular among our community. In the past 6 months, I've transferred my auto insurance, my brokerage account, and now my mortgage. Food for thought USAA.

Dear RogerT,

It is with great sadness that I read about your transfers from USAA. We are so sorry we failed you and motivated this switch. We would like the chance to talk to you to see how, in the future, we can prevent this from happening (aside from the communication issues you encountered with the prequalification). If you could please send us a message here, with the information you provided above and any other items you feel we should be aware of, we would truly appreciate the chance to improve our services in the future. Thank you.