I have had ADT service for about 12 years. During that time customer service quality has steadily declined.  I just called ADT to make a change to my service to add my new house.  The sales person was not at all pleasant and the rate for my new house was about 25% higher than what I am currently paying.  I called Protection 1 next, but a machine answered and put me on hold for over 6 minutes, so I hung up.  I then read the negative comments about ADT service on the USAA Member Community board and saw the comment about how great Frontpoint is.  I Googled Frontpoint and they looked great (http://home-security-monitoring-review.toptenreviews.com/) so I called.  What terrific, pleasant service and a lower price than I am paying now.  I signed up! They even have a military deployment clause where they will suspend service with an e-mail with orders.  This seems like a great company.  Thank you Member Community!



What do they charge monthly?

We switched to Simpli-Safe and its $15 per month and self-install. We got the same discount and actually better service than ADT. Simpli-Safe will put ADT out of business. 

Hi koko2015,


I am happy to hear that the member community has helped you. Thank you for posting, we hope to see more of you here!

We too have discovered that ADT is very expensive for the service provided.  We called ADT about a two years ago to review our installed sensors and upgrade/replace as needed.  We became ADT customers through successive buyouts of local firms we originally used when the house was built.


The local ADT representative was initially easy to work with, reviewing all our devices and writing up the needed upgrades.  She then said the update would require a new three-year contract-with USAA discount, $47.00 paid monthly, at more than double our existing contract, paid by the year.  A long discussion with the area "manager" and a visit to the local ADT franchise office resulted in no satisfaction, or even a manager to talk with at the office. Needless to say, we showed the rep the door.


Ackerman, an Atlanta-based company has recently moved in the market with a resonable $18.95/mo fee. They provided new upgraded sensors, helped correct a previous unfinished replacement install, and explained the operation of the new controls.  A much better company and deal than ADT.  Service and response has been exceptional.