I am a first time home buyer (thinking about purchasing anyway) with a WHOLE lot of questions and a butterfly garden in my stomach.


Today was my first interaction with USAA.  After registering online I called in to get prequalified for a VA loan. First I got the system that asked me a few questions about why I'm calling and advised me that the wait time would be five minutes and offered to call me back in five minutes (I accepted).  Five minutes later Jennifer Morales in the Mortgage Origination department called me back and we had the most pleasance 41 minute conversation (stricktly business of course).


Like I said I had a lot of questions, which Jennifer answered one by one with the patience of an angel.  She took her time and explained things to me and I understood everything she was saying. Very professional and caring.  She told me about the MoversAdvantage program and asked if I would like them to contact me within 24 hours of our converation.  Gave me my credit score and the name of the company where I can get a copy of it and of course I now know what I can afford and offer for my first home.


Ten minutes after our conversation, Karen from MoversAdvantage called me and connected me with Elisa who informed me on the details of the program.  As soon as I'm ready for an agent I will be contacting them back for sure.


Thank you Jennifer Morales, Karen and Elisa for the awesome customer service you gave me today, and I look forward to working with USAA in the future.


I wanted to share this because very often we see reviews on only the bad experiences and not a lot of people take the time to write a good review.


CJ 2.0.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your positive experience here! It means a lot to us you have been pleased with our services so far, and can't wait for more updates during your home buying process! Please let us know if we can do anything for you! Thank you!