I have been a loyal member with USAA for over 30 years. All my insurance needs and home and car loans. I always thought that they had my back , but the outrageous prices on Homeowners insurance is rediculous. I was an idiot for paying so much for so long. If they really had my back they would recommend a different Insurance company if they didnt want to continue service in Florida..... They had sent me an email 2 years ago saying that I could save money by having my home inspected by Don Meyler for hurricane readiness. I paid the company  and they came out and did their inspection and assured us that the rate would drop dramaticly due to my shutters and the solidness of my building and roof. Well it is a long time and a lot of dollars later and still no reduction in coverage costs (not even an email explaining anything.. I am losing faith in USAA and will look around this month for a better deal...over 9000.00 a year for a 280.000 policy is crazy..




Dear nightdog,

Thank you for your comment.  We truly appreciate your 30 year membership.


After speaking with the insurance department it looks like we do not have record of your home inspection. DO you recall receiving a personal copy of the inspection from the inspection company? If so, does do you recall ever forwarding a copy to USAA for consideration? An insurance specialist would be more than happy to review the matter and will be contacting you shortly. In the interim, if the you have a personal copy of the report it would be very helpful to have it available when the representative calls.


Thank you for postings, we look forward to speaking with you further!