What tips and advice would you offer for a first time home buyer?

Right now, my wife and I are just looking at houses near deltona, FL. It seems that we could get a decent first home for under 100K, is this realistic to aim for that amount? We will be transitioning from active here within the next year, and I've already been looking at possible jobs for both of us. Right now, our only bills add up to 1000 and the rest is spent is on miscellaneous purchases.

What was your credit like the first time you bought a house?
How much do yiu think we would get preapproved for as a first time home buyer?




Here is a discussion by another member about being a first time home buyer; some of the  comments are very helpful!


Here is another article about 8 Costs to Consider before purchasing a new home.


Good luck on your home buying endeavors!