I am an older college student. I had to change careers due to an active duty injury. I am graduating this December and have received a job offer in writing that would require me to move to another location and I want to purchase a home. I have VA loan certification in hand. I also have a full relocation package. Here is my question: How can I get a mortgage based on my upcoming employment. Since I have been a student I have been working part time but my offer is large leap in income and I would want my loan based on that income. I have average credit. If i had to move to a temp place and work for two paychecks, it would not be worth it to have to move again. Any answers or advice?



Thanks for your question! I am not an expert in this area; so I have passed your question along to someone who is and will get an answer for you shortly! Thank you!

Talked to an expert here at USAA and these are his words of wisdom:


VA income requirements state your income must be stable, reliable, and likely to continue. Showing a correlation between  your military experience and/or studies in college to your new job can help demonstrate likelihood of continuance. An unconditional offer letter can help demonstrate stable and reliable. Every situation differs and our loan specialists can give you more definitive answers to your questions once they have the opportunity to review your unique specifics.


I hope this helps! You can talk to a loan specialist by sending a message here or calling 1-800-531-USAA (8722).