I just wanted to give USAA as well as other USAA members my positive feedback about the Movers Advantage Program. I was incredibly nervous buying my first house. After spending so much time moving supporting our military, I was afraid to commit to owning a home but chose to two years ago and I do not regret it at all


The Movers Advantage Program set me up with a representitive that managed the process, she assigned me to an agent in my area and he helped me choose my home; I decided to build a new one in a development. I did not choose USAA for my mortgage, I instead chose the lender supporting the homebuilder due to a promotional discount and I realized a benefit from this as they sold the VA loan to JP Morgan Chase almost immediately (I gather this is kind of a home-loan-common-practice) I do have USAA home owners' insurance and they're considerably more expensive than their competition but to me .... it's worth it because I trust USAA and that piece of mind is so valuable to me


I came to the site now to see if USAA extends their program to support land buyers because I'm thinking of investing in land ... I haven't seen this as an opportunity on here but I did notice the negative feedback from several of my fellow members along that right margin of the website .... if you're reading this, please don't be discouraged. Had I read that negative feedback before moving forward, I'd probably be renting apartments to this day


Take care and good luck




Thank you for your comment. We are thrilled you have been pleased with the Movers Advantage program and we are so glad you trust us to insure your home. It is our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to meeting your future needs! Thanks again!