I had read the reviews on this site and on Facebook etc, so I was nervous about going with USAA for our home purchase in El Paso.  We had previously done one other mortgage and one re-fi with USAA, each with satisfactory but mediocre service.  (no major problems, but not great communication). 

However, we just closed on our house here more than two weeks EARLY thanks in large part to an absolutely wonderful processor.  If you get Dana Weber (out of the Phoenix office) you are in luck.  She worked with us right from the start to handle most everything over email since we were in the middle of a PCS from OCONUS.  She replied very promptly to any email I sent her, and the best part was she answered all of my questions precisely and fully.  If we needed to speak on the phone we just scheduled a time over email so she would be sure that she could pick up when I called.  Just the best.  I cannot say enough how great of an experience we had.  Our original closing date was set for aug 28 but we ended up closing on the 11th.  We didnt use a buyer's agent so we were on top of all our forms and documentation and were very informed about what was needed, as I think any good applicant should be, but she was really a great help getting things moved though the process quickly in their busiest season.  I hope someone gives her a raise or something. 


So, don't despair yet, USAA members!  There is hope, and at least one really awesome mortgage processor who truly embodies the USAA spirit of great customer service we all know and love. 



Thank you for sharing your experience in the community. We are thrilled to hear of your great service from Dana! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and enjoy your new home!! Thanks!!

Ylimeduke, thanks for posting. I'm a first time home buyer and due to brand loyalty I chose USAA as my first stop to shop. After reading the terrible stories posted here (and thank you all for sharing them as well) I am concerned of making the wrong decision by choosing USAA! Your experience gave me a concrete example of what I am expecting from buying a home with USAA. Let's hope good service has not became a question of pure luck!!!