Family has been with USAA for over 200 YEARS collectively & Roof Claim still Denied


I hope this finds all of you well. I am writing you on behalf of my Dad. Recently, he filed an insurance claim to get some help paying for a roof replacement. I currently live in the house, but he owns it. Unfortunately, USAA has denied the claim twice now. Im not sure if me writing this letter will help, but I figure it hopefully cannot hurt. I just want to give you some more details and a little backstory on my Dad, our family & our long history with USAA.

My Dad Will turn 81 years old next month and still works 40+ hours a week. He is the most generous man you could ever meet and has spent his entire life taking care of and looking after other people - not just our family, but countless people that needed assistance over the years. He has never been one to ask for help, but he could sincerely use some right now to help pay for this roof replacement. Im not sure exactly how long he has had USAA home insurance, but he has had USAA car insurance for the last 50 or 60 years and has never had so much as a late payment - not one single time in all those years. My Mom Who passed away a little over 10 years ago, also had USAA car insurance for a similar amount of time. I myself have had USAA car insurance since I was 16 years old which was almost 31 years ago. My Sister also had USAA car insurance for a number of years. My family have been active members of USAA collectively for over 200 years. Conservatively speaking, over that time USAA has probably received somewhere in the neighborhood of $750,000 to $1,000,000 or more from my family.

My Dad is not a greedy man or would ever ask for something he doesnt justly deserve. All he’s asking for is any kind of assistance with this roof replacement claim. I have lived in this house for the last 10 years. The roof has suffered hail damage on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, I did not realize the extent of the damage until I had ceiling drywall start to fall down. Like many people, I have been overwhelmingly busy since the start of the COVID pandemic. I work at Home Depot and because we are an essential business & I am an essential worker, I have been working 70+ hours a week since March & that definitely contributed to a delay in making my Dad aware of everything going on with the house. When he first filed his claim, he wasnt sure what would happen. I kept telling him not to worry about it because we have never once failed in paying USAA - they certainly would not fail us in our most desperate time of need. I reminded him that in the 200+ years we’ve had USAA insurance, you could count the amount of claims weve ever filed on one hand. He kept saying how neither of us have the money right now to pay for the entire thing. I told him over and over again: its OK, we have USAA and they will definitely take care of us - as loyal as we have been to USAA, they would certainly repay that loyalty in the form of some kind of financial assistance now. So far, you are proving me wrong. I am completely baffled and heartbroken by your denial of this claim. It just doesnt make sense to me at all.

My Dad was in the Army and served his country way back in the 1960s. Growing up, he always told me because of his service to our country we had the extreme privilege of calling USAA "our" insurance company. Ive spent my entire life being so proud to have USAA insurance. That pride of thinking my family has always had THE best insurance on earth has now been shaken & dismantled. I am writing this letter with the hope that it reaches the right person who can do something to help us. Literally, any amount of money would be a great help to us right now. The fact that you denied this claim and offered absolutely NO assistance whatsoever is beyond all comprehension to me. When he first told me the claim had been denied I was in complete disbelief and still am.

Im asking you to please help me help my Dad right now & help restore our faith in USAA. Please do the right thing & help me prove to him that USAA still is The Greatest Insurance Company in the world. Again, we have always been there for USAA and right now, we just really need USAA to be there for us!

No matter what happens, thank you in advance for your time & assistance with this,


Army Son

My sister who again is also a member of USAA asked me to attach her message:

Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to reiterate what my brother has already expressed about our father. He is so kind and absolutely the most generous man one could ever meet. He has paid for several family members house payments when they were in times of need and never once asked for anything in return. I would like to add on to the trust that our family has put into USAA all of these years. My husband and I have both had car insurance since we were 16 years old with USAA and have always had homeowners insurance for a combined amount of time of close to 60 years. We would never have dreamed of going anywhere else for insurance purposes until now.

I hope that you will put some careful consideration into rethinking this claim and what even a portion of the roof coverage would mean to our family and the trust we have put with USAA all of these years.

Minneapolis, MN


Hello! I am going to forward your account with your concerns and letters for review. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. -Nick

I sincerely appreciate anything you can do to help us. It would be such a shame to be forced to discontinue a relationship my family has had with USAA for the last 200+ years! I just wish USAA still had a “human” side to them. How does such a proud company fall so far in such a short amount of time...?!?

@Harpua, thank you for your families long standing membership. I want to confirm we've forwarded our conversation to the best team to review further on your behalf. I will include this message along with the previous. Thank you for allowing us to review this further. I definitely want to make sure that your concerns are addressed properly. -Lori

After reading the subsequent posts to mine - why would USAA not want to help out their members? What is the point of having insurance if it isn’t there for you when you really need it? My Dad has always told me that loyalty and integrity are everything in this life & once you start making exceptions on either, you’ve lost them both forever. Why would USAA work with such a company as Allcat that has so many complaints brought against it? Why would they subcontract out the most important job they do to another company? Why would USAA risk its own integrity on hiring a separate company? The first person Allcat sent out to my house was so rude and dismissive of our situation it was unconscionable. He acted as if paying on our claim was coming out of his own personal retirement. Why would USAA not pay a $30,000 roof claim which literally amounts to a tiny fraction of the amount of money that we have paid to USAA...?

Does USAA even care at all about losing a family of members that have been loyal to them for over 200 years...?!? Does this type of loyalty not matter anymore in this world? Does money truly outweigh integrity these days...?

@Harpua, thank you for letting us know about your father's claim situation.  I asked a business specialist to research his claim matter further along with following up with him.  They will be contacting him within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks.  ~ Robert

Well, USAA just called my Dad and denied the claim. It’s proof that they absolutely do not care about their members and will deny claims at all costs. I wish integrity meant something more these days - obviously, it means nothing!
Unfortunately, it's a sign of more things to come from USAA. They're beefing up their advertisements ($$$) on TV networks to find new clientele, and remind its current members how great they are with supporting their members. That may have been the case several decades ago but not in the last several years. It's a shame that longtime members like you are being treated this way. What a farse.

Note to USAA: No need to call or forward to a specialist.
It’s a shame and it’s shameful! To add insult to injury, I got an email “from” the CEO of USAA Wayne Peacock A couple days ago touting how USAA was donating $30 million to Covid relief. I definitely support the move, but of course they are donating $30 million - what else would they be doing with all the money they steal from their members...?!?
This is absolutely unbelievable. I just spoke to my Dad. He said he got a call from a woman claiming to represent USAA today. She told him he needed to talk to his children (my Sister & I) and get us to stop complaining about his insurance claim denial. She said they have to open up a new file every time they get a complaint & it’s causing them extra work.

USAA has the gall to call up my 82 year old Army Veteran / 60 year USAA member Dad & get his adult children (and also, lifelong USAA members) to stop complaining about what we believe are the lack of service and poor treatment he is receiving from USAA...?!?

Does anyone else here have experiences similar to this? I have never heard of such a thing. Are we not allowed to put up our hands when we believe someone is being treated unfairly...? Especially, by a company that apparently has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau due to unresolved claims and poor handling of its members cases (Google: Dallas morning news + USAA + better business Bureau).

This is definitely not the same USAA I have known and sent money to my entire life. I am in absolute disbelief right now...