I had replied to post of a member who had a similar problem to my own. Unfortunately, it was a negative comment on my part towards USAA mortgage processing, but I felt I had no choice at the time. Ideally, everything in the process would go smoothly without any hiccups but life isn't ideal.


Since I made my concerns known, I have received great communication and help resolving my issues. I want to thank Briana Hartzell, Sherry XXXX and Teresa XXXXXX for their diligence in helping steer us back in a positive direction. Of course, the process isn't over but I feel far more positive about everything than I did just a few days ago. I definitely have faith that I have access to a strong group of problem-solvers, should I encounter any further issues.


It was fair that I air my legitimate grievances when I wasn't receiving answers. On the flip side, I also think it's only fair that I equally commend those at USAA who helped out. Thanks to all of you (and I apologize if I forgot anyone.)




I am also equally impressed with the dispute resolution processes that I have been given the opportunity to use to my satisfaction. I haven't been completely happy the last couple of weeks with USAA but I am know satisfied!

Thank you Hedy69! This is music to my ears! Thank you for your update and we look forward to hearing form you more in the community! Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can assist with anything else! :)

Dear jd01904,

Saying thank you does not adequately express my gratitude for your follow up comment. I am so very glad you are receiving the assistance you need and hope from here on out there will be no, to use your words, hiccups! I truly appreciate your comment and hope to hear form you more in the community!


* I have removed the employe names from your posts, but have passed along your gratitude to their department!