Failure To Honor Homeowners Insurance Agreement

I recently submitted a Homeowners Claim for roof damage at my home. To date USAA is declining to honor the Homeowners Insurance Agreement and is doing all it can to avoid taking care of my family and I. Our Master Bedroom is pretty much unable to be utilized due to water leaking from the ceiling area. The Roofing Company has provided a complete report to USAA verifying visible damge to the roof. USAA has conducted two evaluations and their contracted personnel pretty much provided information they wanted to hear. The roofing company is a highly regarded - reputable company in the area. The company has provided a detailed report to include a Hail Impact Report for the area (They have been very thorough). However, USAA continues to be missing in action and pretty much doing "Nothing" !!! Another insurance company has been on-site in the area in a clearly marked company vehicle (Personal Touch) evaluating a close neighbor... and provided a check on the spot !!!! What am I missing in this picture??? I share this with everyone and will be posting on as many sites as possible about the ordeal USAA has inflicted upon my family..... 20+ Years as a customer!! Over 20+ years of honorable military service and sacrifice. Life threatening intense deployments and this is how we are treated...I have filed minimal claims with USAA and have been an outstanding customer. Their actions are unacceptable at all levels!!! May the Lord have Mercy Upon those who are deceitful and treat others in a manner that are not reflective of Jesus Christ...Especially, in a time of need. Take Heed !!!  God Bless       

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Well----USAA----?  --

USAA  " Don't call us we will call you"--"We know what it means to serve"