Extremely Unsatisfied and Disappointed in Service

For a company that supposedly provides benefits and support to Veterans of the Armed Forces, USAA has fallen short in helping out this Marine.


After separating from 17 years of Active Duty, I started working as a contractor for an IT firm doing the same job I did in the Marine Corps. With this new job I was looking forward to finally purchasing my own home, something my wife and I had put off for years.


We started the process of pre-approval in July, and spent the next few weeks looking for a home. After finding a home and rechecking our pre-approval to make sure it was within our range, we made an offer and went under contract. This is when USAA infomred that they would not be able to finance me based on my employment history or lack thereof. According to their by-laws, an individual who is a contractor, who has to pay his own taxes, has to provide two years history with that company in order to be financed. I was shocked to hear this news, especially after the pre-approval department and processor were so positive during the initial phase.


When I applied for the pr-approval and supplied all of my information, including the fact that I was a contractor, nothing was mentioned that this would be a determinig factor to the loan process. I am not upset that my loan request was declined, I am upset that this information was not supplied upfront and that my wife and I spent our time and money to get so close to to the finish line, only to be disqualified at the last minute.Had USAA been more forthcoming with the requirements on employment in the beginning, we would have planned accordingly and not moved forward until we met those requirements.


This complete lack of regard to fully disclosing the requirements has determined that I will wait until I establish my work history, and then I will take my services elsewhere for any financing that I need in the future.


Thank you USAA, for educating me on the work history requirements, and for making me feel that my 17 years of service and experience mean nothing to you.


David Young



A specialist should be reaching out to you. We hope to make things right. Please keep us posted about your situation and if we can do anything else for you. Thank you for your membership.