I purchased my first home this month.  I started Aug 22 with a target closing date of Oct 3rd 2016.  When searching for a lender, I thought immediately I'd use USAA because every facet of the services I use with them have been exemplary.  I was surprised to see a high number of negative reviews with the mortgage products and it gave me a lot of pause.  Ultimately I decided to go with USAA despite seeing a mixed bag of experiences.


Again, this was my first home purchase and with that comes a lot of uncertainty, but I could not have designed a better experience than what I received from USAA.  I provided the documents that they needed as they requested them.   Monica and Lisa were efficient and responsive.  Their work also impressed my agent and counterparts who remarked that they didn't hear much from them sometimes, but they produced results/deliverables in a very timely matter.  We hit our closing date and if not for a prior engagement on my part, we could have pushed closing up three days earlier.


If this is indicative of the entire team running the mortgage process, then I will certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone who is looking.


If I had to be critical, there was an issue with viewing/generating my own prequalification letter using the web application early on, but these were IT problems not the fault of the Mortgage Processor or Loan Officer.  Monica and Lisa provided what I needed until this technical issue was corrected.







We’re delighted to hear the overall experience with your Mortgage process exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to provide a cost-efficient experience for all our members.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your Mortgage needs.