I started this process in late September. The 1st few steps seemed to go swimmingly. That is, until, my loan application began processing. I have been asked repeated for documents that have been both faxed and emailed to the processor. Although I advised the contact details of my title company on October 6th, the order for title didn't get submitted until October 22nd. There still doesn't appear to be a request for payoff to my current mortgage company it he file yet - and we're one week out from closing! I asked to be put in touch with a supervisor but wasn't. My professor said she would email him today and copy me but as yet no email. So, I called the customer service line and tried to escalate to a supervisor. I didn't reach a supervisor but the agent I did connect with, upon reviewing the file saw enough inconsistencies and issues that she indicated she would raise it with the manager. Now here's the funny part. Being that we are cutting this so close to the vest, I asked for the name of the manager and that the manager call to confirm that they have taken up the situation and will assure that everything gets handled appropriately - apparently this processor doesn't have a manager identified in the system so I am still without an escalation point for my concerns.

Any bets this doesn't close on-time? Minot to mention what will happen to my rate lock?

Walk to the light! Not to USAA if you're refinancing.

Just in case you're wondering FICO 839; LTV 24%; >15 years with same employer. No reason there should be any issues......




I am sorry to hear about your recent issues, I would like to get someone in contact to help. I have passed this along to our bank for review, and someone will be in touch with you. Thank you.

I have a similar story. The Mortgage process with USAA was a complete NIGHTMARE and ultimately delayed our closing date by more than 2 weeks! Andrea XXXXXX was rude and impossible to get a hold of. USAA tries to tell you they will fix everything and they know there are issues but we closed well over 18 months ago and it appears they haven't fixed anything. STAY AWAY FROM USAA MORTGAGES!!!! Also, don't waste your time telling them your story over the phone. They will listen and tell you how they will fix things but it's all LIP SERVICE. Just learn from the experience like I did, and save your time by not dealing with them on the phone. Steve

Steve, looks like I'm headed down a similar path. I was scheduled to close tomorrow however, when checking the website on Friday afternoon, my status regressed to "documentation". You would think being so close to the closing date a regressive change would be met with some contact from USAA. You would be wrong! I placed calls to both the processor and her manager with no acknowledgement or return call. Further, the promise of the on-line document upload facility has been non-existent. I can't see a "To-Do List" much less upload any documents through this mechanism. Therefore, the only way to communicate is either by phone or email - very inefficient in my experience.

I have closed mortgage loans with Citi, BofA, Wells, US Bank, Flagstar Bank and Chase. This by far is the worst experience of them all. I was so encouraged by your insurance experience that I didn't follow one of my cardinal rules - check the supplier's references. If I had looked for and found all the posts advising about this experience, I likely would have made a better choice.

I guess you have me beat in one aspect, my processor is friendly Nd personable but unfortunately, that doesn't get my loan closed. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll hear something about the loan and my rate lock which expires the following Monday.

My advice if you're leaning toward USAA for your mortgage needs, Stop! Unless, of course, you desire delays, ineffective communication and frustration.


Dear Snowboard4life,

I have sent your comment over to our mortgage department and asked that a representative reach out to you to discuss your closing. Thank you and good luck on your closure!