We bought a home in TX and my husband was away training with the Army when we moved in so was not able to sign the Monitronics contract.  Now that he's deployed they will not us out of the contract!!  Orders mean nothing! They won't let me add him on the account either!  So all I can do is keep paying every month or pay up front the $600!  Terrible company!  Every time you call you're on hold for at least half an hour or more.  Stay away from Monitronics!!


I've had monitronics for about 8 years. Never had a problem with. Their service is stellar in my opinion. Now we have a different company. Same service as monitronics but cost almost twice as much. I wish we never changed.

Don't sign a contract if you can't live by the terms.  


Next time you might want consider a no contract secruity system like SimpliSafe.

Well if he had been in the country he would have signed it. Deployments get in the way of being home to sign things don't they? You can't control when you're deployed either.
Google Monitronics and you'll find the majority of bad reviews.

Dear TaraM11,

Please send us a message here with more details about your unsatisfactory experience with Monitronics, as well as the best way to contact you and we will have someone in touch! thank you for posting here int he community!