There have been a number of posts here, and on the internet at large, about horrific experiences with USAA Home Mortgage.  I'm here to tell you to learn from our mistake, and listen to those horror stories.  Go with a local bank.  DO NOT USE USAA HOME MORTGAGE.  While there's a chance you may have a good experience--we did when we bought our first home using USAA--the chance for spectacular failure like we experienced today is too great of a risk.  You cannot afford to trust USAA Home Mortgage with your home ownership hopes and dreams.


To make a long story short:  we were supposed to close on our new home today, June 12, 2014.  USAA managed to get its underwriter working on our file TODAY--spectacular mismanagement to say the least.  Our processing agent attempted to blame the delay on us, then went on to explain that they have a "really heavy work load," which in no way excuses their failure to process our loan on time.  Needless to say, we weren't able to close on our house.  After spending about two hours on the phone with USAA, and being escalated to the "Resolution Department" (that's right--they have a whole DEPARTMENT to handle their screw-ups, which implies that our experience is not an uncommon one), we don't even have an ETA on when we might be able to close.


We're in a hellish limbo right now that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  Save yourself.  Do not go with USAA.


(P.S.  We heard from our title company that we were the THIRD loan with USAA that they had this SAME experience with TODAY.  USAA Home Mortgage does not know what it means to serve--they don't know even what it means to be competent.)


We were also scheduled to close on the same day and we had the identical experience. I can cut and paste what you posted and that is us too!

Thanks so much for the warning! I was about to get a quote today but now I know not to! I so appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences!-J

My wife and I were considering using USAA for our mortgage as glad I can read through the experiences of others who have used them recently to warn others away form them.I had been surprised when I priced home insurance for our home in Ga. and it was 2&1/2 times the cost quoted from State Farm. Now I realize that this has become a "culture" thing at USAA...btw State Farm is giving us more coverage for less $.