Does anyone care that my home loan process is now going on three months?

I did everything that you are supposed to do when shopping for a home. I made sure that my credit and down payment were aligned and got the pre-approval. One week before my close date the processor stated that she needed one more document to close on time. That Monday at 5:30 I spoke to the processor and told her that I would get the document. She informed me that because of the federal regulation on timelines if I didn't provide her with the information before she left (in 30 minutes) that I would have to restart my loan. Completely distraught I spoke with the original loan person who said that it would be easy to transfer my ldocuments to a new loan number and we can close pretty fast. It took four days to hear from the original processor. After that things began to go down hill and haven't stopped yet. The processor John XXXXX, NMLS # XXXXX, ordered new appraisal and title search even though it was already complete and in my packet. He then requested that we get a home inspection even though it was complete and in my packet, and did the same every step of the way. Then he said that the house didn't appraise high enough even though the reappraisal was, you get it, in the packet! Final straw was spending a week and a half trying to tell me that I wasn't eligible for VA benefits even though my certificate of eligibility was IN THE PACKET! Finally told me that because of all these delays I have to pay to keep my rate locked in! $180.00 to keep it locked for 7 days and after I pay tells me that I'm still not going to close on the extended date that's he gave us. In the meantime I escalate to the manager who tried to tell me the same thing. She sees the documents while we are on the phone and says it's an issue with underwriting and promised a call back no late than 3pm eastern. At 3:30 no call so I called her and left a message. At 4:30 eastern I called the customer relationship line again, the person promises that she is at underwriting and will call me back before she leaves for the day. In 30 minutes and guess what still no call. I have had to put my entire house in storage because I gave notice based on the dates THEY gave me plus two weeks of wiggle room. I am now sitting in a hotel for the third week and no seems to care that this is going on. Is there anyone at USAA that cares about the individual members that have done everything requested and still can't get resolution?




We regret to hear of your experience and we realize the importance of this matter. This is definitely not the level of service we expect for our members. Your concerns have been escalated for review and response. We look forward to speaking with you to address your concerns.

This is complete b.s. It's like they have told control of you once you are so are along. Has much good experiances as I have had with USAA over the years. This experiance overshadows all of them. Probably because this is a lot bigger financial commitment. This can't be ok for them to act like this. I know personlly makes me think twice about keeping them as my bank. There is always Navy Fed.

I ran more 3 mortgages through USAA.  I never tried anyone else.  I bought real estate in OK and CO.  All my realotors complained about USAA .  I had no idea how terrible they were until I left and tried someone else.  They are liars.


I bet you had the same lying John that messed up my application TWICE. Then the processor told me that I can take my business elsewhere. SO I DID. Down the street to local people with local values. Saved a lot of money too!
So then I switched my auto insurance and saved 20%!

Hoosier9339 - I understand the seriousness of  the situation you have described. Please know that it is never our intent for you to have an experience like this. I have located your information. I will engage a team to review the situation and contact you. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason