I started the home buying process on 4/2 and have sent everything in that was listed on the pre-qual paperwork. It didn't take long to get an initial response about this mortgage request, but since then...I have been left in the dark. Only because I am buying a house from family have I had certain things taken care of on my end. We had a pest inspection and radon inspection done early and sent in, all of the necessary paperwork faxed and/or emailed- all without even a reply to say that it was received! Only until something showed up on the USAA website that listed a slew of items that were needed yet were mailed in with the original packet did I finally get to speak to someone on the Executive Resolution Department. She stated that those items were never looked at, thus overlooked by underwriting. What is going on there? Aren't there jobs that do specific things? I have never bought a house before- yet I feel like I know more about mortgages and real estate now than USAA does. I have done all of the leg work, have had no response from my "loan processor", been told by his supervisor that she can't see my file and would have to wait to talk to him, (which I now know is a lie), and have sent numerous emails and faxes with no responses to let me know that they were received. I am supposed to close in 2 weeks- and yet my father-in-law who started this process the exact same day as I did- has the clear to close already. Somebody has dropped the ball and won't even respond to me to fix this. Not happy about the way that I have been treated! They are supposed to be taking my money- but they are treating me like I am a debt collector. I just don't understand.


We had a similar experience with USAA home buying. Short story to a long and painful ordeal is the manager of our case was fired and our case was shuffled between 3 people and flew through the cracks. We were left 2 weeks to closing without USAA having done all the proper paperwork, sending information 2x and given no information on status of our case for 6 weeks. We changed mortgage brokers to a local bank. This was Dec 2014. Their mortgage team and cases are not managed properly, and they have forever lost my trust.
I had the same problem about a year ago. USAA mortgage is so mismanage the processor missed our deadline with the title company and never realized the down payment was already in the USAA checking account. The processor knew they money was sitting there. I should have listen to Dave Ramsey on his endorsemen .

It is extremely difficult to go through the mortgage process anywhere anymore. The guidelines for the banks, etc. are so rediculous, especially for good people with good credit.  I just went through the same thing with Bank of America.  Unbelievable what they asked for and the idiotic questions that were asked. I eventually got my loan. And as payment back to them for all the anquish, I removed a large sum of money and transferred it to another bank Just Because...........Made me feel better.  There isn't much you can do I am sorry to tell you. There are private lenders out there. They can be reached by placing an ad in the paper.  Make sure you know what you are signing or have an attorney who specializes in reviewing lending documents, etc.

Dear Cara,

I cannot apologize enough for your expereince thus far. I have passed your comments and concerns onto a mortgage specalist who will be reaching out shortly. Thank you for taking the time to post here. I will check back in to make sure someone has taken care of your concerns.

As an update...I have had the team manager contact me, Jana XXXXXXXX. She has been very receptive to my concerns and is trying to gather all of the info and paperwork that I have submitted over the last 4 weeks in order to meet our closing date. I have full faith in her- but I also had faith in the original loan processor. So I will keep you updated!

Thank you Cara!