I am in the process of purchasing a home with USAA. While the agents I have been working with are very courteous and helpful, the document upload system leaves much to be desired.


    First off, in an effort to move quickly when the agent informed me of which documents would likely be required, I used the document upload system. It seemed to work just fine, uploading to the general category. Unbeknownst to me, the docs never made it to USAA's computer system. 


    Tonight, in another attempt to get the documents to the proper parties, I tried to use the specific document upload points in the My Mortgage Status section. This time, it merely hangs interminably when I try to upload a document. My next step is to email these documents directly to my agent, however I know this is not prefered and they may not be able to handle them that way via policy. I'll be speaking to him tomorrow on the phone, however hopefully a squeaky wheel here will get someone to fix the system.





Congratulations to you on the purchase of your new home, how exciting!


Thank you for your time in explaining the issues you are having. This helps us to look into any problems we may be experiencing, as well as help us to enhance the member experience.


I have passed this along to a mortgage department team member who will be reviewing this to see what can be done. If needed, they will also reach out directly to you. Thank you.

I am currently having the same issue. I have been trying to upload my documents for buying a home and it just keeps loading.

Hi WD3,

A Mortgage specialist will be in touch to figure out the best way to receive your documents. Thank you