To Whom It May Concern, I have e-mailed your company twice as well as called the website help line in regards to being able to upload documents for my mortgage application. I have received zero responses or help and I am continually being directed to our mortgage loan officer who has not returned my calls or e-mails. Our closing on this house hinges on the timely processing of our loan by USAA. We need an answer today on how to remedy the situation - be it by sending the documents directly to the processor or via another route of communication. I am very disappointed as I have always been very impressed with USAA and given this company glowing reviews for its customer service and attentiveness to my issues and now I am not receiving any help whatsoever.


Hi usaf89,


I have sent this over to our mortgage team and they will be reaching right out to you in order to assist. Thank you.

I was able to get ahold of my loan processor and they have been fantastic. I also spoke with a representative who checked in on the progress of the situation and they were super helpeful as well. I was informed upon processor assignment that I was able to simply send in the documents directly to the processor. The USAA personnel have been great, but you might want to work on that site document upload module, or at least have the information about ability to send the documents directly to the processor readily available. 


Thank you all for your help, and I hope this information can assist others. 



Thank you for providing that update!

Same problem here. At least I am not the only one. I guess I will be doing the same. I will send the documents directly to them rather than using the upload which dont work.

I've had a LOT of difficulty with the website. Active claims disappear. I have to find a Guru to get them back. Then the upload doesn't work. Which is frustrating when you've assembled tons of medical EOB's and the like and expect to get the job DONE. Now, I can't assess my claims in Google Chrome, but can see them in Safari on a Mac. BUT the upload is the Spinning ball of neverneverland. I am running Yosemite as I hate El Crapitan on my older iMac.




I am sorry to hear about the website problem.  We appreciate your feedback, and  I have notified a business expert who will review your concerns in closer detail then contact you. 

I have also experienced IT issues related to this. I logged on to USAA in the attempt to upload from 3 different computers and 2 different internet browsers and the same outcome arose. I have attempted to call USAA tech support and no route cause was found and the event is still occurring. 

Mike MN,


Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having. I have passed this along to our mortgage team. They will be reaching out to you. Thank you.