The worst service slow very little information given impossible to get in contact with


Old soldier 1976,

Thank you for your post. We are happy to research any concerns you may need addressed.  Can you please share a brief summary of your experience?  If this is an urgent matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

So much information given...

Based on our experience, the poster probably could probably write a small novel - just saying.   We did eventually get our refinancing done, but it was an absolute nightmare from beginning to end.  We are low risk customers (have enough to pay our mortgage off right now if we wanted to), credit scores in the 800s, yet everything was a continuous struggle with USAA to get it right.  They told us we hadn't sent documents when we had, they scheduled the wrong closing date, and it just goes on.   Quite frankly, the only reason I kept going was because I didn't think it could get any worse - WRONG.  Worse mortgage experience in our lives.    USAA was disorganized and I dare say a bit dishonest in their dealings.  Not exactly the motto of an organization that serves the military.  P.S. I think the only reason ours got done was because I really pushed back hard at USAA, I mean really hard - it seems that is the only way anything gets done anymore. 

Do you have any suggestions for pushing back hard? I'm really considering some type of lawsuit to recover the moving fees, hotel stays, etc oh and the loss of the home because they couldn't pull it together to close.



USAA is committed to providing our members with world class customer service. We regret to hear of your experience and have escalated your comments for review and response. We look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns.