Do not use USSA for a home loan! So sad to see USAA's change in focus

We have been a loyal member for 40+ years, USAA took care of us to recover from a number of hurricanes including Andrew. We are pretty sure we will be Insurance customers for life. We had little concern when they moved us to SCHWAB , but over the past few years, I have watched USAA change to a profit-focused organization with less focus on the customer.  Over the past few years, we had to engage upper management to correct decisions made by who knows in their banking divisions? We have had issues with middle management in their insurance divisions.


Our son has had a mortgage with USAA for over 10 years, recently he wanted to refinance, he was treated terribly, in the end, because he is a Merchant Marriner and offshore they would not process his loan.


Equally we have seen continued lack of emphasis on taking care of its members, instead taking care of itself and self-interests / profits.  Moving all business elsewhere.

Good decision.  I left USAA after 40 years and am very happy with the new company.