I'd strongly encourage other members to not use USAA for their mortgage.  They are for lack of a better word a complete sh*tshow.  Terrible customer service, don't care about timelines and have little to no defined processes or workflow to actually help you close on time.  The moronic underwriters will ask for absurd things at the eleventh hour to help delay closing.  The whole process has made me lose faith in the entire institution as a whole.  I think it's time to take my investments to Vanguard and banking to Chase or somewhere else.  Loyalty (15 year member) is not rewarded or reciprocated....


SeanMc26, this is disappointing feedback to hear. Your membership and concerns are important to us, and we would like to review this feedback further. I have located your information and am sharing your comments with the appropriate area for further review and follow-up. Thank you for taking the time to reach out. -Meredith

Nothing new. They did the same thing to us. They were asking for documents while we were driving to the closing. All things that were easily retrievable earlier in the process.