Do not Refinance your home or use USAA mortgage services!

I made the mistake of using USAA Mortgage Services.   


It seemed like a good idea, at first, as the insurance has never let me down.   BUT the mortgage services is run a a second rate company United Lender Services. 


Everything started just fine and even had a great turn around for closing.   Everything changed as soon as we scheduled the appraisal.     The appraisal went as expected.  TWO weeks after the appraisal; i was sent to the Loan Processor and the phantom "underwriter."


I had to continually contact the processor to see if the appraisal was was ready.  TWO weeks after projected closing date we got the appraisal.  Then the processor changed.  The underwriter kept asking for new documents, she claimed the VA needed.  I provided three documents and scheduled the closing 6 six weeks later.   Then right before closing they added to more tests.  


I asked what they meant by a Water test, or a maintanance agreement.  The processor sent to the the Titile Company, United Lender Services, who referred me back to the loan processor!!


USAA escalations, and the supervisors were worthless


Ron Frost,


We regret to hear of your experience. USAA is committed to providing our members with a world class mortgage experience. Your comments have been shared with our Member Feedback Teams for review.


We hope you will consider USAA for your future financial needs.

If they sent you to PHH so sorry, they are horrible loan company.

Dennis P,


Thank you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear that you feel this way. If there is a specific concern we can address, please reach back out in Community and we would be happy to address it.

Seems to me I'm going thru the same mess. I had all my trust in USAA. I am glad you meantion that they use second rate company United Lender servces. This is great to know. You have me thinking now.

I wish I would have seen this before. Not being a USAA lender explains why the service has been so much worse. Everything else we have done through USAA has been 110%. Which is why we decided to go thorugh USAA even though we were quoted slightly better rates. But now multiple mistakes have been made in our loan and no one can tell me why, it always lead to some investigating in which I never hear back. My loan processor seems to always be out of town and you can never get a hold of his supervisors. I have had my issues escalated so hopefully I hear something soon. We are 10 days out from closing, and now seems we may have no choice but to change lenders. 



We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. Your concerns have been escalated for review and response. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this matter with you further. -Gus

I'm starting to have concerns as well, especially after reading this. I called USAA 13 times today and cannot get a single loan processor on the phone to give me the status of my loan. My financing contingecy expires today and I have $5000 on the line.


Please escalate this and have processor or supervisor contact me.



Thank you for reaching out in the Community. I have shared your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area for response. We look forward to working with you in order to provide a resolution.