Do not - I repeat DO NOT use USAA for a Home Loan

So we've all noticed how USAA's customer service has gotten worse the last few years right? Well, that's come to a head as my wife and I have attempted to close on a house with their home loan dept. First, USAA didn't disclose that, because they don't have a representative in our area (we're in Iowa) we'll be responsible for an additional ~$1,000 in closing costs. (No wonder they were less expensive than other home loan servicers we contacted!) Additionally, the promised 45-day close now appears in jeopardy not because we won't/don't qualify but because USAA keeps changing what they're demanding of the attorney who explained to us he has never had a bank make such demands for a title review. You'd think USAA had never closed on a VA Home Loan in the state of Iowa before! My wife and I are stressed out - we're worried we're going to be sued by the sellers, we're worried we're going to have to sue USAA and/or the attorney and, of course, we can never get ahold of anyone at USAA on the phone. (The loan officer has never picked up her phone. Her outgoing message says "email is the best way to contact me.") Even if legal action won't be necessary we believe we're going to have to file a complaint with the CFPB because USAA has given no indication they plan to refund our ~$1,000. I've been a USAA customer since my father first signed me up for a checking account when I was 14. This has left such a bad taste in my and my wife's mouthes that we're looking at canceling all of our insurance policies with USAA (home, auto, personal property) as well as closing out our checking and savings accounts. Anybody know or have recommendations? Is Navy Federal Credit Union any better?


I don't know anything about using USAA for a Home Loan, but have used them for a n auto accident where we were NOT at fault.  They were a little slow in trying to get the other person's auto insurance to pay out, but we did finally get our vehicle fixed.  As far as Navy Federal Credit Union, I will HAVE to give them more than 5 stars.  Maybe even 100 stars !!!  I love them to the moon and back !!!  I would hope that they never go out of business !!!  They have always stood behind me !!!

Hi there, my husband and I bank with USAA, but we also bank with Navy Federal Credit Union. I never had a loan through them but I was told, they're good.

Pentagon Federal has always been awesome for all of our home mortgages.  I am think of switching banking to them as well.  I'd give Pen Fed 5 stars - about 4 1/5 more than USAA currently


@SoooooDisappointed, thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. It sounds like you've had a disappointing experience with USAA. I'd like to learn more. Please respond with additional details so I can ensure that your concerns are reviewed by the appropriate team. ~DC 

Yes, Pentagon Federal and/or Wells Fargo are better and I would consider using them before USAA.