My husband and I have been preapproved for a new home loan. We found a home that we want to buy and need to act fast on, however the USAA offices are closed over the weekend and we can't speak to anyone directly to get some questions answered.  Does anyone know if VA Home Loans can be used on Foreclosures?

The home is in excellent shape, other than it's missing appliances, including a stove and all of the power/water is turned off.


You can use the VA loan on a foreclosure. However, the home will need to be move in ready, power and water will have to be turned on for the appraisal. The kitchen has to be functional, seller will have to put in stove and oven, but that can be part of the offer.

If we put in an oven, out of pocket, for the appraisal, in case the bank isn't willing, would that work?

Vixxter is correct. However, asking the seller (which usually a lender) to make the house move in ready can be a hassle. Good luck