I can't even begin to describe how badly we have been screwed over by USAA's Mortgage Dept. We have been members for over 16 years and love the banking and auto insurance. The mortgage department, however, has been nothing but an absolute nightmare from day one.

We had a pre-approval letter that USAA would refinance our building loan once our home was finished. The gentleman we were dealing with left his position and we were shuffled around the office. House is built, ready to refinance, told we can't due to the fact we own our own lot. USAA was told this in the beginning. Now we have to have a different type of loan.  Our loan application was then given to a young man who couldn't answer our questions and wouldn't call back when he said he would--we're talking days later.  We requested someone else and we're turned over to a senior person in the office.  He also left the office/company, but not before he ordered an appraisal from a company who decided our house was worth $50,000 dollars less than what it cost to build it.  Our home had previously been pre-appraised by another company for the cost of building.  So, here we sit, still paying on a high-interest building loan.  We've been in our house since May and it is now the end of September and we have absolutely no idea what to do next, thanks to USAA and their mortgage department.




Dear WJL,

Thank you for your long time membership and for taking the time to comment here in the community. My records show a banking specialist reached out to you yesterday via email with their contact information. Please keep us updated here in the community about your refinancing progress and let me know if there is anything additional I can do for you. Thank you.