USAA prequalified me for a loan, I provided all they asked, then right before closing they deny the loan adter i had deposited Ernest money, paid for inspection, apprecial and other items. Worst part was they did not even called me to give a notification, they send me request for notification of additional documentation to close and along those requests was a loan disaproval notification, when I called, the agent was surprised I had received the paper. Poor service. DO NOT TRUST THEM


Membership in Danger,

I regret to hear of any miscommunication that came out differently than what you expected.  We make every effort to be sensitive to the needs of our members while focusing on making sound business decisions. I am sorry you interpreted our decisions as a lack of appreciation for your business and your membership, as that was not our intent. To serve your needs best, please contact us at directly and we can discuss this further. ~Thank you. Celeste.

If you have not paid any fees to them yet, then I believe you have no obligation to pay anything to them.  This is based on my discussion with the mortgage group when we refinanced and I threatened to pull our application over the constant back and forth.  I was told if the loan does not go through, then USAA doesn't come after you for the fees. 

They have lied to me like you wouldn't believe. The company is corrupt and you can't believe anything they tell you.