I had an insident in my basement where there was mold disovered. I have had a remediation company come and take care of the problem. Somethings had to be thrown away because they were far to moldy to keep and could not be saved. 


I have had a few neighbors ask if I had contacted my insurance company. I hadn't thought of it during the time I was getting the problem taken care of. 


Do I have coverage for such an incident?


Marianne Nardone



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@Jimmy2Socks, I'm sorry to hear about the mold damages to your home.  I recommend speaking to one our claim's specialist to go over the coverage on your policy.  They can be reached at 800-531-8722.  You also have the option to start a new claim on USAA.com or with the USAA mobile app.  Thanks again for your membership.  ~ Robert