Dispute. USAA Contractor and Credit Card payment dispute

Upset Member 23

I first have to say that for almost 23 years i have never had any issues with USAA.   However that has changed this past year.   Back last december had a claim filed for water damage that as of now October 10 have essentially gotten no work accompolished.    There are 2 issues that have really gotten my wife and I upset.   1) The contractor USAA recommended to us was so bad that we finally had to have them fired for doing nothing but stalling on the work.  2) Since the claim didnt cover everything that was going to be needed we paid half the money up front to this contractor on our USAA CC in the amount of $2254.69.    I filed a dispute to get this money back since we had no work done.   Well just this week USAA completed there so called investigation (still not sure what that was other than sending me a couple of emails asking for more information regarding the charge even though i had called and given my statements on the phone on 2 seperate occasions) left voicemails on my home number which when USAA contacts me they always use my cell or work phone.    The call that i made into the Credit Card customer service 2 days ago the lady made me feel like i had done something wrong here?     I am seriously considering cancelling my membership at this time due to the lack of customer support here.    I gave all the information regarding my dispute upfront and it is beyond me that i am stil dealing with this.     I am the victim here due to a USAA approved contractor.      Quite frankly dont understand how this charge has been put back on my card saying it was not a billing error?   Now i have to write a letter and start a dispute all over again?     Are we serious here?    


They are not going to do the right thing like they have in the past... by my guess it started about 3 years ago... 


The lesson here is to not trust any organization and you have to take care of yourself.  Be Well!

Contact KRW attorneys. They will move this forward if there is worthy case.