The mortgage process has been a nightmare with USAA.
The lack of communication and lack of knowledge regarding my "file" is absurd. We are relocating from NY to TX and should be closing on our new home in a few days. From the little information I was able to gather from the call center, there is still paperwork missing. I do not have any reassurance they will follow through and have everything that is needed.
The way I have been treated is disgusting. Is this the way all long standing members are treated?
I will never recommend USAA to anyone who is getting a mortgage.


It's very easy to blame someone else when things do t go are way, think about if ya did everything I. Your end to complete the mortgage ya wanted...

I too have had a pretty terrible experience with USAA in processing my mortgage.  At this point, I am not confident that we will actually getting our house and I have no time left to go somewhere else for help before my sales contract expires. 


From the very start they took a week longer than promised for conditional approval which should have been a warning sign.  Once pre-approved, I was given misinformation on how to upload documents, repeatedly given the wrong expectations for responses on document submittal reviews and promised they had all of the needed documents multiple times only to have them request the same dosuments again later on. They even resent me my complete application package again (via overnight Fedex and wasting about $40) about a month after the first completed one was submitted to them and could not even explain why.


I was also given improper expectations for the appraisal setup timeframe and once appraisal was completed they took 20 days before giving me the appraisal amount, which ended up lower than the offer on the house and put us even closer to our closing date after negotiations with the seller.


This whole exeperience is very sad as I had alot of respect for USAA and have been a member for over 20 years.  I know my auto insurance with them is not the cheapest but I have kept them for their quality product and customer service. I hope this is not a growing trend within their organizatoin.


Sadly wishing now I had gone somewhere else for my mortgage.  If you have the choice then stay away from USAA mortgages!!!


This is not the experience we want you to have with our Mortgage services. Please provide your member number and a number you can be reached at to [expired email]. We will put someone in contact with you as soon as possible to ensure we have everything we need to help your closure happen on time. Thank you.

Briana keeps saying that's not the service they want everyone to get with their mortgage, yet that's the service everyone keeps getting. 

Not everyone is or had the same issues and is unhappy. Keep in mind that these forums typical attract the disgruntled who often vent mightily about thier unhappiness. I will say that my refi in Oct 2013 had some minor hiccups (some of my own doing too), but USAA came through and made it happen.


The first thing to do when something goes south is seek out a supervisor, in our case the supevisor was clearly empowered to resolve the situation and did so promptly.

Which state were you looking for a mortgage?

When a company has this many employees in a "resolutions dept" and something called an "Escalation Form" that they fill out when you scream at them on the phone - hey USAA, maybe it's you.