Disappointing experience with mortgage service DO NOT USE

My experience with USAA over the last 8-10 years has been nothing but pleasant. That all ended upbruptly starting in December when we decided to get a VA loan through USAA.


The loan officer has yet to pick up the phone once when we have called to ask her questions. Emails go days without response and the overall lack of availability of the personel is pretty alarming. I'm only posting this as it is because after emailing and calling several times I've received no call back after several hours and days for one of the emails sent and am completely frustrated with the entire service. This is the third or fourth mortgage I've needed in the last 5-6 years and by far this is the most disappointing experience. Wells Fargo was a dream compared to this mess USAA is running. 


I really hope by posting this I prevent a few people from wasting their time or at least setting expectations lower for buying a home through USAA. 


It isn't worth the nickels and dimes if any you might save by going with USAA. 


Dear Foro,

Thank you for your long time membership and for taking the time to share your experience with our mortgage services. I apologize that they were not what you have come to expect from USAA, but please be assured I have escalated your feedback appropriately in hopes that your situation will not be repeated. Thank you again for posting here in the community.