We are extremely disappointed with the way USAA has handled our mortgage loan process.  I am a 20+year member and were set to close on a home but within a 36 hour window we were informed that USAA had miraculously found a way to save us money if we simply moved the closing date back 4 business days.  Although the savings were substantial, we already had the delivery of our household goods, cable, water and power company all scheduled to come out the next day. Rescheduling would require up to 2 weeks for the next available time frame, so pushing back the closing was simply not an option.  I advised our loan specialist that we just couldn't do it.  She called back later to inform me that for "some reason" our loan docs had been reprinted and therefore Federal laws mandate that they have to wait another 4 days to close, so we would have to push our closing date back anyway.


I finally figured out that our loan specialst had made an error in calculating our down payment and while trying to correct the error she redrafted the documents, setting this entire snowball effect into motion.


I have attempted to escalate the matter, but every voicemail i get that leaves a new person/# to escalate to for "urgent matters" does not call back.


If anyone at USAA with the ability to make decisions and help correct this, please reach out.




Hi FernandoM,


Thank you for posting in the community, we surely do want to assist you in this matter. I have sent your comments over to a mortgage specialist, they will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.

This is the same exact thing that happened to me with my loan!!! Very frustrating.

Thank you for commenting trimmers1. I have responded to your other post here.