Disappointed with our loan processor and process

I am really disapointed with the processor and loan department. First i was suppose to close on July 24 than processor told us that closing wont be until the August 17 2015 Through out the process I provided them anything and everything they needed. Processor told us we can get some gift money from family to cover some expenses and reserve money for our other property which we did and today processor told us that reserve money can not be barrowed or gifted. Until last week everything was done and we were just waiting for tittle company to sent the paperwork to the lender so underwriter can approve it. Everytime we contacted the processor was waiting information from the tittle company, Friday 14 August we recieved a call from the processor saying they miss calculate the taxes for the house so we are short on our fundings like $5000 . You can make a mistake like couple hundred dolars but $5000 really. We went to tittle company today and they said all the information about the property was sented to the lender when we started the process. Our closing date was today and of course they were still trying to figure out some stuff . So we have had already put our notice to the house we are renting and moving out on the 20th August, and they have new tenent waiting to move in. We cant sign up our kids to shooll because we dont have a house contract. He is telling us they can keep our application open until september and can lock our rate in so we can work on our fundings, that is the last thing on my mind. I have 2 Days to find a place to move my family that is what my priority is. I am a U.S. Marine at recruting and got a job offer in Dallas, becasue of this house process i turn down the great opportnity so we wont be loosing our earnest money and other expenses we done for the property. I am really frustrated with their services at this point because this was all their fault by not doing their job correctly also suggesting us to buy a cheaper house. What is the purpose of pre qualifiying if i am going to get denied after two months of process and wasting our time.




I can imagine your frustration, and would like to help. I have sent your comments over to our mortgage department for review. Someone will be reaching out to you. Thank you for posting in the community!

This seems to be a growing trend with USAA failing to meet closing requirements in a timely manner. Not to mention, I've seen a few instances of USAA reneging on pre-qualification contracts as well. Pretty soon they'll be suggesting members contact Well$ Farg0 for their financing needs.

Sorry to see a Marine in transition left behind!