Been with USAA 25+ years and have never been disappointed until now.  We were led to believe that since we live in a "high risk hail and wind damage" area that our policy deductible had to be 2% for these incidents.   They sent numerous letters over the years explaining why they were progressively increasing deductibles going from $1000 to 1% to 2% of home value.  Our area now has hail damage and all of our friends are making claims and only have $1000 deductible.  They also pay the same or less than us for monthly premiums.  I called a USAA rep who was very friendly but stated that a $2000 deductible was an option (and for a minimal raise in monthy payment compared to the 2% deductible).  I know over the years they led us to believe that 2% was the only option.  Long story short, I beileve USAA deliberately led us to believe that the 2% deductible was the only option for hail and wind damage in our area cost and it cost us a pretty penny.  Be smarter than me and consider these lessons I learned

1)USAA is not looking out for you, check your policy and confirm what they say in writing by calling and checking online.  I will no longer blindly stick with USAA for car and home and will now get bids from other insurance companies with a local agent 

2)Don't accept the 2% deductible if that is all they offer.  Find another company

3.  Talk to your neighbors about these things to see who they work with and what the specifics are



Sorry about your disappointment with deductibles and premiums. Welcome to the world of underwriting and risk management. Because of the many intangible benefits in being insured by USAA I'll not be taking your advice. Been there, done that already and the grass isn't greener. I love USAA.

Not a problem with deductibles and i understand the underwriting risk.  the problem is they forced everyone to change to 2% deductible and then some years later opened up the possiblility of lower deductibles again.  They announced the change to 2% loudly but never announced the option to go back to lower deductibles.  I was the perfect sucker paying just pennies less for my insurance but getting significantly less coverage in what I consider a bait and switch.   The trickery is what bothers me.   Sort of like bragging that their savings account "Earn rates that are twice the national average" and then reading in small print that the reference was from 11/16/2011.  Honest and integrity, I don't think so.

Do you know when the change was made that 1% was available?  I too was the perfect sucker.



Thanks for sharing on member community.  I will have an insurance specialist reach out to you to address your concerns and questions.

You need to think it through, my story near lightning strike after 500 deductable lost 750 in electronics equaled payment of 250, next year rate went up 250 and stayed there 5 years, who won?not me its all aracket
I have just recently experience wind and hail damage also with the 2% deductible. I now understand that I have other options and will be using it to decrease my deductible.

DocDeb-please check the "outside structures" part of your policy as well.  We called an agent today to see what else we may not know about our policy.  Apparently a few years ago USAA decided to change the percentage of the total value of your homeowners insurance for outside structures from 10%-25%.  Who would value a fence and 10X10 shed at 25% of total home value.  I NEVER remember them telling me this.  this means that that my home is insured for significantly less but my fence has great coverage.  Everyone complained and a few years later they gave you the option to go back to 10%.   As usual for USSR they didn't automatically switch your percentage back to 10% so we just found out about this.  Thank goodness I didn't have a home fire or I would have had to live under my very expensive new fence.  

I have had dissappointment with USAA services recently and had no idea there was a forum like this one.  I am a long term home owner and USAA member and I am ashamed by what you say USAA had done.  I always thought they were a cut above the rest and always listed as one of  the top companies in our country.  


I am appalled at what they have done to the actuaries and their lack of sense in the service process.  It has become for them the meaning of profit at all cost, not the caring once provided to a much smaller history of customers when they began long ago.  When the fence outside means more than the protection of the domicile itself then it does not matter what their TV commmercials say, they have lost the one item insurance companies should never do - the faith of their customers.  I am now wary of all they do. Maybe its time for a board management change, next election.


We need a little guy at the top now, someone from the trenches that has been there done that, got the bill for it


I think things have changed at USAA.  Things seemed to change after they opened up membership to more people. I am not sure if they are trying to increase their revenue to compensate for taking on an increased risk clientelle or not.  I am definitely at fault for not watching/understanding things more closely but would have never imagined they could make major changes like this without better notification.  This is making me wonder if I should get a company with a local agent that I can sit down with once a year and go over things.  Interestingly I have reviewed my policy regularly with USAA but they focused solely on the value of the home and any upgrades.  Never did they review/mention either the wind/hail issue or the outside structure issue.  I think the good ole days are gone.