I went through the process and was credit approved and was scheduled to close on 6/12/14. Only pending item was HOA questionnaire which I never saw came in and 48% of the 25 units were rented by owners. USAA calls me 9 days before closing and asks me to give them $65,000 more for down payment when I was already approved with 5% down. They never notified me during the process that the HOA questionnaire could effect...this caused me to have to get an extension and go with Wells Fargo. No remorse from Usaa and I had to spend another $450 on appraisal and It costs me more in rent due to escrow closing late. I am close all my accounts with USAA after 25 yrs and my father, a 50 yr member will be doing the same. USAA is not care about their members even though those TV ads say they do..they won't even refund me my appraisal fee of $350. What am awful company