I have to say that I'm very disappointed in USAA today. I have been a customer of pretty much every service for over 12 years, and I just received a letter declining me homeowner's insurance today on the house I'm about to purchase. The stated reason for declining me was because of the risk of exposure to coastal storm-related damages. As a member of the navy, I found this very interesting since I'm typically stationed in areas located on the coast. I understand that insurance companies need to take risk into account with all of their policies; however, when you are a company that provides itself on the different products and services that you offer military members and their families I was shocked that you would not offer policies in one of the largest military areas especially when other companies provide policies in the same area.




Understand your disappointment.  We will be retiring back to my hometown on the Texas coast in a couple years.  It is impossible to find a company that will insure windstorm and hail, so you have to go through the state to get coverage. 


In comparison to other insurance companies USAA is a small member own company that does not have their vast insurance base to spread the cost of the higher risk coastal areas.  To provide coverage to these areas would require they price those policies out of competitive range or raise all other policies to cover,  Neither would be a workable solution.


Good luck.



Best of luck to you in your move and congratulations on your upcoming retirement! Texas surely is a beautiful state, one of my favorites!



I can totally relate, my parents have a house near the Delaware River, and although they do not use USAA, they too had this same issue. I know how stressful that can be! 


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