My husband and I prequalified for a mortgage. We submitted everything requested...we think. We have called and left messages, we have emailed but our assigned loan manager will NOT respond. We are suppose to close in 2 weeks. Hello USA what happened to the wonderful service you provided when I started with you over 20 years ago?


Dear Mrs parker,


I regret the inconvenience this has caused you and your husband. I have escalated this over to someone in our mortgage department, someone will be in touch soon. Thank you for posting in the community!

Maybe when the CFPB regs are put in place (you can file a complaint with them), this type of thing will stop with USAA. Until then people will have to research the companies they use for mortgages (really everything). With what I have been reading, I unfortunately will not consider USAA for a mortgage again. Maybe that is unfair, but a reputation can be destroyed quite easily and trust is very hard to rebuild.

If the service was as it used to be there would be very little need to have a problem 'escalated' after a person has already exhausted conversations with the people in charge themselves. It is sad to see the decline over the last 10 years - which I have experienced myself. Good luck!!
I checked the CFPB site for USAA complaints (non mortgage). In the bulk of the responses USAA states "company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law." A few say "complaint is the result of an isolated error."

Go local I guess.
So the loan manager called me and said the bank changed its mind and will not give us a mortgage. We were to close in 2 weeks. We did everything asked. We paid off numerous old small debts. I really do NOT understand and will not use USA again. I will be closing my checking account ASAP

Good for you! Go elsewhere and dont waste your time with usaa bank. stay away from usaa bank & i'm moving my retirement accts and insurance elsewhere asap too! hope usaa fails! they were great when i joined many moons ago, but now they're terrible!