Disappointed. Is USAA Still for Service Members?

I've been searching for a way to contact USAA with a complaint for a while now. They do not make it easy. I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps, so I don't complain unless I have a lot of reason and am really passionate about something. I have been dealing with getting a home loan with a couple of representatitves (I will leave names out in case that is frowned upon). At first, good people that seemed to care and mean well. They even referred us to their realtor network, who ultimately let us down by not contacting us and leaving us fealing left out to dry. I gave up the $1,300 "bonus" for using them in favor of actually having a house to live in when I moved from overseas. Over time, they became harder to reach and more robotic and distant. We have submitted SO MANY documents to them and there are a couple in question that I would like feedback on before I pay a $700 fee for a home appraisal. Nothing. I only received calls in order to get my appraisal fee before they would accept my "intent to proceed" desire. I asked repeatedly to have my documents reviewed prior to paying for the appraisal in order to ensure that everything was in order before I gamble away a third of my BAH. The answer: "nobody will review your documents until you pay the appraisal fee." Are the two related? Can somebody please treat us like humans and calm our nerves a little bit before we go all in? I received a "this is your last chance" email today, which set me on fire and led to this post. She literally sent me a list of documents to upload (cut-and-pasted from the original email over a week ago) with an ultimatum! She didnt even take the time to recognize which documents I submitted, which ones were good, if any were questionable, etc. Needless to say, I am a barcode and rate zero feedback I guess. This is not the organization I signed up with over 17 years ago. Go with local lenders if you can. They are hungry for business and willing to work with you the way USAA used to. The one I am using now said there is no way they used to be able to compete with the USAA gold standard. Now, disgruntled folks like me are flocking to them. I'm really ashamed at how corporate this institution has become because I have so much tied to them.



GodVein, I'm sorry for the experience that you've had recently with your account. I can definitely understand the frustration. I have forwarded this to the best team to review further on your behalf. Specialists are currently out of the office at this time, but will review as quickly as possible this morning. Thank you for your time. -Lori

GodVein, this unfortunately is what happens when an entity gets as large as USAA has. You lose yourself when you go big. That's the reason you'll get better customer service from a small outfit because they are small, nimble and there is more accountability because those working there are few and out in the open, whereas when you work in a large corporation, you're a number and can get lost and get away with things for a time. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, I refinanced with USAA and it had issues, but USAA did ultimately make it right, but I have read others on here where it was a complete debacle. I wish you best of luck and hope you realize that most likely the USAA you signed up with years ago was lost among the throngs of deposits that came in from others along the way that grew them to where they are and they weren't able to keep up with that service that they were known for due to the sheer size of membership. They still are for the most part far and away the nicest to deal with, but the knowledge does leave much for desire at times.

I've been with them for 50+ years and it looks like some funny buisness is going on. It looks chaotic. It was at it's best when it was officers only. Opening up the membership  was what really messed things up.

We are not at all surprised to read yours and others' recent experiences with this unrecognizable USAA. We have been members for more than 3 decades and what we are seeing in their delivery today is disturbing, inefficient, disconnected and unacceptable. Gone is the  USAA we used to trust for all our financial needs. Nowadays you are lucky to get someone on the phone who possesses some measure of intellect or human characteristic. We were the victims of ATM fraud in Thailand (the funds never came out of the machine) and when we returned to the US we filed a claim with them. We kept on filing claim after claim because they did not believe us...Of course, they chose to believe a third world country ATM over loyal 34+ year members, so we lost our money. I tell young military folks nowadays to shop carefully for a financial institution because USAA is not what it used to be.  I have to laugh at every reply from them to all of you that they are 'investigating or escalating the investigation, blah blah blah....' No one cares at USAA anymore, no one. They need to learn about true customer service from American Express, who, on the other hand, cannot do enought to address and resolve a customer's inquiry or problem.

Thankyou for sharing your experience. USAA has to a degree changed their standards. Focusing on a resolution/s for its members has declined throught recent years.
I pray soneone will resolve your situation and address all your questions and concerns.
Best of luck to you and your family.

Hello Lieutenant Colonel. Thank you for your patience while we got back in office. I am truly sorry for your experience. In no way is our practice to avoid answering your questions, especially when it is regarding loan documentation we send you. I would like to review your loan file. Can you Private Message a phone number or email address related to your USAA profile, please?

@USAA - The financing/refinancing at USAA is a disorganized mess - lack of communication, lack of understanding, asking for the same documents over and over and over again, and failure to listen to the customer.  

NSueZ - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

@USAA - I don't need anyone to review my situation.  It has been "reviewed" already - USAA blew it and I now want other members to be aware that USAA is not always on top of their game.  Would I ever finance or refinance with USAA again?  Never in a million years.  The worse part of our situation is that during the transition of moving the servicing of the mortgage  over to Nationstar "someone" forgot to report the mortgage and all the payments to the credit bureaus and USAA left us (and many other members) hanging for about 6 months.  Thanks for the nice drop in credit scores.   Of course, it wasn't USAA who figured this out, it was the members.  But of course, that is what happens when you have those top notch "specialists" from the President's office working on your problem.     So not only are those credit scores used for determining rates on other loans, such as autos, they can be used to determine insurance rates.    Again, all those members affected want to give a huge shout out to USAA for this huge mistake.