USAA has completely denied my Homeowners Policy claim WITHOUT even having an adjusters report.

I spoke with a claims representative on Jan. 6th, 2021. I  Escalated to a manager on Jan. 7th, 2021 .  BOTH stated that based on my adjusters report the ENTIRE claim was denied. NEITHER representative seemed to have ANY knowledge of my claim, it is obvious now that that had NO knowledge of claim details BECAUSE the 3rd party adjuster did NOT submit her report until Jan. 8, 2021.  I know this because I called the adjuster DIRECTLY.

Ummm..... Can someone explain this to me?


Hello, @Flosschick. Thank you for reaching out to us. This is very concerning to read, indeed. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support on this. ~ Steven

I have been contacted by your advocacy person Yolanda via voicemail.  I have left 2 messages and have not recieved a call back. I am also waiting for my claims person to return my 2 calls. By the way, my claims person as well as his manager argued with me ( REPEATEDLY)when I explained that the 3rd party adjuster had not submitted her report.

and then, just like that, they received her report almost a FULL week after my claim was denied. AND my claims person at USAA denied denying my claim, he stated that it was still open. It was ONLY still open because I asked for a 2nd review.




@Flosschick, sorry for your frustration. I will forward your comments to that area for follow up on your situation. Thank you. -Cynthia  

Sounds like you need a lawyer.  Good luck.

Sounds like he needs to leave USAA too.

I Had storm damage 2020 Usaa called my after I put in the claim said that they were sending a adjuster out two days later the Usaa contracted adjuster showed up, did the estimate in and out sent the infomation to Usaa 3-1/2 weeks later I had half the check for my loss the letter also said that after the repairs are done, usaa would pay what ever is needed that went over the payment that was to my decrection that I payed to the roof . granted I been with Usaa for a while since my fellow recruiters said that they had Usaa I got on the phone  a minute later and had Usaa and granted I have not missed apayment since I was a recruiter.

If you are having problems, file a complaint on the BBB site.  Also take a look at USAA's not so stellar ratings on this site.  Posting on this site usually prompts a response from USAA.  Just make sure that when you see an email from the BBB that you respond to it otherwise they close the case.