My wife had an auto accident almost 3 years ago.  The other vehicle wasn't damaged, but her car required some repairs.  She was at fault, but it was her first accident ever, and the first claim she'd ever filed for an auto accident while being a USAA member (over 30 years as a member). 


I recently requested a quote from USAA for umbrella insurance, and was denied due to my wife's accident.  At least that's what the communication from USAA said was the reason. 


My question:  How long will USAA continue to deny me an umbrella policy due to a situation like this?  My only option is to take my home and auto insurance elsewhere, which may not be a bad idea.  Is this typical for insurance companies?  Extremly frustrating that a single accident can do this. 


Correction:  The accident was over 4 years ago.

Hello @ms960, I'm sorry for the frustration caused with the umbrella quote and previous accident. We definitely don't want to lose you as a member. So that we can review your quote, please begin a new chat with us by selecting the Contact USAA option. We'll be able to review together and discuss some options. Thank you. -Lori

Shop around. You can do better than USAA.

I was denied by USAA for an umbrella policy for an accident that I was not at fault at all.  They told me they were very choosy.  They told me you had to be accident free and ticket free regardless of fault.  They also said there were certain dogs you could not have for pets including German Shepards.  I had a Cocker  Spaniel at the time so not a problem.

Hi @Arkansas RPh, I am sorry to hear that you were declined for an umbrella policy.  I can certainly understand your concerns about something so small can have a big affect.  When did this quote get declined? ~ Marco