I wrote earlier and said I probably shouldn't go to USAA for a mortgage reading all of the posts. Well, I did and they denied me--the reason.---I am servicing my country in Afghanistan. I planned to buy my 90 year old Aunt's house in FL to help her out and to give me a home for my return.  I have been a member of USAA for over 40 years and a Federal employee for 35 years.  The reason is that I am a civilian living overseas.  Not quite the way I would define a deployment.


I plan to return in December and at the rate mortgages have been going -- time wise, I felt I probably wouldn't close until then.  I had planned to be home for the closing.


I also applied to refinance my car and was denied for the same reason.   


So, my savings, my investments, my 401K and my insurance will be pulled from USAA upon my return to the states in 3 weeks.  I will no longer deal with this poor customer service.  Any organization that deals with the military and can't approve a loan for someone "deployed" not assigned "overseas"--this is not Italy or France! 


Oh yeah, my aunt can't live in the house -- it has to be a spouse....so anyone looking for a wife????





Dear NoFan,

First, thank you for your service, we wish you a very safe return from Afghanistan. I am so sorry to hear of your recent experience with our mortgage department. We would like to have a mortgage expert contact you for further details to ensure we left no stone unturned for possible solutions.Thank you