So I am highly annoyed and plan on disputing this relatively deceptive practice. I have been pretty much look around at mortgage loan calculators and estimates. I started the pre qualification which when I did with NFCU did not run my credit report. The process had  fourstep which are all shown simultaneously with a run scenario at the bottom. The second check point asks if they can run your credit i initially checked no it gave me an error I checked yes assuming with 2 more check points and a run scenario button which more or less gives the impression of "submit" at the bottom I would have time to contact usaa to ask if this would be a hard inquiry if i couldn't get the details needed before completing the app. well as soon as i click yes button i get a message to my phone saying a hard inquiry was run with 2 more sections of the app to go i find this very deceptive I will be disputing and certainly not going with USAA on any financial ventures in the future at this point the application is still not completed as I stoped and immediately began looking into disputes. I would suggest USAA fix this process.



Thank you for posting in Community. We realize this matter is important to you and regret to hear of any issues you are experiencing. I have escalated your concerns for review. However, if this is an urgent matter, please contact our bank representatives at (210) 531-USAA (8722).