If you are a USAA employee reading this, know that you’re an idiot.

I can’t wait for my next call with you idiots now that I’ve found this community board


@No Time Wasted, this is to confirm we have received your messages which included bullying and abusive language and while we understand your frustration, we ask that you refrain from additional posts about the situation. As this is seen as “bumping” content—that is to say, posts that serve to repeat existing issues. Future posts regarding the same issue will not receive a response and are subject to removal from our wall. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our page, if a violation of our guidelines is clear, we will remove the content and block the individual. With this being the initial notice of violation there would be a 7 day ban.  ~ Joseph


Please mark this in my records when I'm required to call you in October.

Hey Joseph,

Read the private message I just sent to all of you!