Please read entire post.  My refinance has been a nightmare and it took 4 long months.   The story at times sounds like comedy, except it's true.


My loan process began in July of this year.  Everything was timely and efficient as of the end of July.  The Loan Officer was on top of it helpful, and dependable.   Estimated (USAA is very liberal with this word) time of closing was Aug 12th.     Thus the end of my good times with USAA.


It started with the delayed results of the appraisal, to which they claimed was because of the state.  Maybe true may not.  Hard to tell with USAA reprensentative.  I did not receive a copy of the appraisal until much later; I had to request it three times.  ( I never did receive a copy of the actual appraisal just a three page summary) Twice with the loan processor and his supervisor.  Once from the Escalation Department.  


Communication was poor to say the least NOTHING occurred unless I reached out.  Even during appraisal the loan processor never reached out.  I had to contact them to find out what was going on.   It was like I was getting paid $18,000 to refinance; not the other way around.  


Finally, late August arrives and they ask for documents.   I retrieved them either the next day, or the same day.  I would hear from the loan processor either day later after I emailed to follow up.  His response would only be one word confirmations, or OK.   Never full status never helpful.   


The worse one came when USAA asked for a road maintenance agreement.  I replied there isn't one never has been.  Loan processor told me to "get an attorney."   That was literally it.   I called his supervisor, and left a lot of voicemails.  (USAA DOES NOT ANSWER PHONES THE FIRST TIME EVER.  JUST EXPECT TO GET CALLED BACK AT SOME POINT OR AN EMAIL).


I contacted the Escalation Department, which in fairness was reponsive.  All they really do is monitor the situation and I presume encourage the loan processor to do something.  


Finally, closing was scheduled SEPT 23.   Only to be cancelled because USAA phantom underwriter needed other documents.  They claim they asked for prior on the appraisal.  Except they never did; Escalation verified this.


Then we went back and forth on other documents; including EMPLOYMENT verification on Sept 27th.  Almost 3 months after this began (sign of a true professional; disregard they had pay stubs and SF-50).  BY THE WAY NO ONE ON USAA'S TEAM USES THIER OWN DASHBOARD NOTHING IS POSTED THERE.  I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO WASTED TIME POSTING DOCUMENTS TO THE DASHBOARD.


Second closing scheduled 10/7.   I confirmed this twice with our loan processor.   He confirmed twice.   Except, I hadn't heard from the titling company.  So I called the title company to verify the appointment.   Guess what?  THEY HAD NOTHING SCHEDULED!   Then ten minutes later I get a call from the loan processor thinking I was the title company.   I gave him the correct number.   I called escalation after that, so I might salvage a closing.  We will see.


P.S. USAA has paid for the loan extensions, but they refuse to see the frustration, incompetence of their loan processing department.    AND don't bother with the supervisors.  I called him three times, and once he promised to follow up; that was two weeks ago, and nothing.


Applied for loan, got pre-qualified, paperwork went to loan officer, I immediately submitted all requested docs and then I heard nothing for 3 weeks. Loan officer was out of office for two weeks and all activity on my loan ceased. I finally got her after 3 weeks and she had not even reviewed what I submitted. Ultimately USAA blew it completely and despite my stellar credit rating (all over 800), no debt and documented six figure income they turned us down. It was a tremendous waste of time and money. Their mortgage loan department is incompetent.


Oh, and I could have just done a home equity loan since I only need a bridge loan for a few months. Trouble is USAA no longer offers home equity loans. Some full service, huh?



We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. USAA is committed to providing our members with excellent experiences. I have shared your comments with a colleague in our Mortgage area for review. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this matter further. Thank you. -Gus

Is USAA doing anything to fix this? I am currently going through refinancing, but reading all of these comments is making me think otherwise...Please let me know what steps are being taken to improve USAA mortgage and also start allowing bi-weekly mortgage payments to your customers USAA, it's 2016! This is so troubling to read!! 



May want to look at another company.  I am on my third month, second processor, and just sent the CEO and CFO an email stating my frustration.  I have received a lot of sorries but no action so far.  Who knows you may have better luck.



Sorry, we have just finished our third starting our fourth.





Going through the same thing. I emailed the CEO and CFO a few minutes ago with a very long email broken down with dates and promises.  I am on my second processor.  They actually said I was clear to close back in September, set up the date, talked with the guy and then all of a sudden they cancelled him without me knowing and then denied we were clear to close.  Thank God for saving emails and phone voicemails.  Hope everything went well yesterday.



i just had the same awful experience as you, and i completely 100% agree, their communication is awful.  They never answer the phone first time around and never once do you get an update on your loan!  Glad you were able to get them to pay your fees, i was charged my rate extension because they passed my deadline for lock in.



We appreciate you sharing your experience in the Community. We responded to a previous post regarding your experience. Someone will be following up with you in order to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

This statement appears on multiple threads... no personalization per contributer.  This is not reassuring.