DO NOT USE the Mortgage Services - Save yourself the stress and disappointment

My family has been USAA members for several years. Have always been happy with service until our recent experience with the mortgage division. We have experienced 5 weeks of delays from USAA during the loan approval process. The loan officer has been unresponsive, unreliable, non-communicative and has lacked accountability. Despite our elevation of the customer service issues to her Manager, the poor service has remained unchanged. My husband has had to "baby-sit" the loan approval process the entire time with weekly calls to see if everything is on track. The icing on the cake was when he checked in today to make sure everything was on track and he recieved a phone call back at 8 pm EST stating we were missing a title document from the title company and "probably wouldn't close on time." This is 8 p.m. the day before all documents were due. And we were never informed there was a missing document until 8 p.m. And the only reason we know about it is because my husband called to check in on the status. And now the loan officer is saying even if we get it in tomorrow, "we probably can't process it in time for tre closing." This is unacceptable and shows a lack of accountability, communication and respect for the stress related to a move. I wish we could start over with someone else that embodied simple tenets of good customer service through this process. Folks, be warned before you start the mortgage process with USAA. (Original Post on USAA Facebook Page) 


Now, two days later this situation keeps getting worse. Now this morning (2 days after my original post), we hear from our contact that we can't close until the 15th (2 days late!). Then spend 45 minutes on the phone with someone two levels up from this person who claimed they "can't do anything about it and there are other families in this situation." Of course we know there are other people in this situation, because clearly at least two others (on this thread) have experiences the same lack of accountability, dragging of feet, lack of organization and communication as we have. Now, they are going to "see" what they can do to maybe have a chance of closing just 1 day late. Unbelievable. The stress this has caused will not be easily forgotten. USAA has gone from the best customer service to the worst customer service. USAA Leadership Team, please evaluate this part of the business. You would be shocked at the damage this part of your organization is doing to your brand.


Interesting. We are going the the same thing, down to the titlie document that we submitted 4 times. I definitely will not recommend usaa mortgage services to anyone!

Dear Jill1,

I am sorry you are also experiencing issues. I have escalated your concerns and a mortgage representative will be reaching out. Thank you.

My husband and I went through the same thing in 2012. Their loan processors are terrible and I had to call the guy daily to make sure he did what he said he would do. But after approval, everything has been great if I have questions regarding the loan.

Dear Madison245,

I cannot apologize enough for the stress and frustration this situation has caused you and your family. I have escalated your comment and a mortgage specialist will be in touch soon to ensure everything is in order for a timely closure. Thank you for taking the time to post and share your experience.

We had the same experience in 2011, it was horrible. Unreliable and unresponsive POC in usaa. Had to go up the chain and received no worthwhile help. Apparently we kept owing documents, seemingly one at a time, and only found out if we called after a goal date would come and go fruitless. We finally cancelled the request went with a known mortgage broker in the area, and they managed to close us in less than 2 weeks.

We've been with usaa a long time and have always been pleased. The level of service at the mortgage wing of usaa is not commensurate with the higher level of service elsewhere in usaa.
I am sorry you are going through this, my husband and I recently went through a heartbreaking and extremely frustrating experience with USAA mortgage department also. We made comments on this board and also received the almost auto reply messages saying our concerns were "escalated to a mortgage specialist" and that someone would be contacting us, that was a week ago and we still have not been contacted. We have told all of our friends in the service to steer clear of USAA and their very unorganized and unknowledgable loan officers.

Hi Stacy1,

I just wanted to check in with you! It looks like one of our specialist spoke with you 5/6 and left a message on your voice mail this morning 5/11. Please let me know if we can assist you with anything else!

I am in the same ordeal right this moment. On a home that has had one owner since 1967, usaa is apparently having trouble approving the title work that was delivered nearly two weeks ago. Praying I can close on time, losing faith by the minute

Dear tregnabm,

I responded to your other post here, but have escalated your comments and a specialist will be reaching out. Thank you.