***DISPLEASED!!!*** 8 Weeks & 1 Day For a Simple Homeowner's Claim!!!

First off, let me say that I've used USAA for of my auto insurance for about 20 years and have used them exclusively for my home owner's insurance since we have owned homes.  However, this was only the second time that I've ever dealt with them in regard to a home owner's claim.


Okay...so I get back from a military deployment and noticed a depression or sag in my roof on the front of the house as well as two missing shingles adjacent to this area.  After a quick inspection in the attic I see some water damage (rot) on some of the plywood that looks like it is related to the depression on the front of the house, so I call USAA to file a claim.  I called them 8 weeks and 4 days ago.  GOOD THING IT'S NOT A BAD LEAK...huh!


So far so good...a local claim rep comes out and inspects the roof in a fairly timely manner and submits his estimate to USAA.


Heres where my fun starts...apparently I called in the claim for "shingle damage" and not "water damage" which I don't dispute and according to the claim rep inspector my roof had two seperate problems.  Even though the torn shingles were adjacent to the roof sag he determined the two were seperate and unrelated items/events.


I learned all of this after calling USAA to check on my claim status as they NEVER call you to give you updates on your claim status, at least in my experience.


So after speaking with them on the phone they informed me that they would have to get ahold of the original rep that came out to get him to write up a seperate estimate for the sag and water damage which had nothing to do with the damaged shingles.  Well, I guess that takes about a month even though he never had to come back out to my house as he just went off of the notes he had made from the previous "shingle" estimate.


While waiting for this second estimate I've called USAA to get status updates probably 7 TMES OR MORE.  ONCE AGAIN DO NOT EVER EXPECT THEM TO CALL YOU even if you leave a phone message (which I've tried about 4 times).  Each time I call I would have to speak to a new rep or leave a phone message with my assigned rep as the assigned one is either busy or out of the office and will not call you back even when you leave them phone messages asking to "please call you back."  Why have voice mail if you don't return phone messages?  My assigned reps were Maria X and Amy X (I won't leave their full names even though I would like too!).  Both Maria X and Amy X promised me call backs when I spoke with them but alas those calls never happened.


For each new rep I would have to explain everything from the beginning and then hear them pass the buck and say "I'm not sure why this is taking so long..." or "We are waiting to hear back from the local inspector rep", etc.


Am I too old fashioned thinking to believe that if you promise someone a call back that you should call them back?  Even if it is just to say we are still waiting on person X and/or nothing new has happened with your claim but we haven't FORGOT ABOUT YOU!


Well, true to form, three days ago we got an e-mail from USAA saying a message has been posted in the Claim Communication Center and I could log into my account to view it.


At least they have finally processed my claim!  Now round 2 starts as I do not agree with their final assessment and have to have it reassessed...  


I hope you have better luck with them than I have!



"Time to Shop for a New Insurer!" 





I was hoping that my current endeavor with USAA is an isolated incident, but I can relate to your experience! Four months ago I got back from a deployment to find my house entirely destroyed by a leaking pipe; everything I own destroyed by a combination of a collapsed ceiling, water damage, and mold. Two thirds of my claim was covered by base housing, but the remainder of my claim has been in USAA limbo ever since late July (when the primary claim was settled). I feel as though every time I hear from them, they are asking for information I've already provided or previously said they did not require. I have an "adjuster" who is frequently unreachable, and I still have no idea what the status of my claim is!

F-15 JP,


I’m sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation. Please provide some additional details by clicking here and USAA will contact you soon to get everything straightened out.

As a 45 year USAA member, I just encounted a similar run around.  It took five months to resolve my roof wind damage claim with USAA dragging its feet every step of the way - not the way it used to be.  Reps don't return calls, reps told me to use a roofer located over 100 miles from the property rather than a local roofing contractor, calls ignored, requests to talk to a supervisor "lost".  The litany goes on.


I just replied on the other thread to this for you. Please follow the link and give us some more information to research. Thank you.

I'm going through this now.  I had a bad flood from a burst water line under my kitchen sink when I wasn't home.  It happened a week ago, and this better not take months.  I'm gonna call my adjuster now...but like you said, I won't get to talk to him, I'll have to talk to whoever is available to pick up the phone.  I've already called 4 or 5 times and had to speak to someone different every time.