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I called USAA regarding my homeowners insurance and spoke with a lady in Tampa, Florida in believe.  I told her I wanted guidance on how to proceed with my situation.  I thought my roof may have been damaged from bad weather we have been having recenetly.  I did not know if I had a claim or not but wanted someone to check my roof.  I was told I had to file a claim and they would send an adjuster out.  The manner in which I was questioned (interrogated) was insulting and I felt like I was being accused of trying to get USAA to buy me a new a roof.  Could she not have suggested that I contact a local roofer to check my roof?  If there was damage I did not want to wait until something comes pouring through my ceiling before having to file a claim.  I thought USAA had a list of recommended contractors I could call for an inspection.  She asked me to send her pictures of evidence of storms and damage but could not give me a number to forward any pictures I had.  Anyway,  the whole conversation left a bad taste in my mouth.  I have been a USAA member well over 40 years and I don't believe I have filed a claim for anything, car or insurance, in over 20 years.  I have never had had such a negative interaction with USAA.  This was not a good experience and has lead me to think about USAA with a totally different perspective.

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Sorry to see any USAA customer treated as a crook. Ethics and customer service---no where in site at USAA. Usaa --fix this customers concern----today ! TY.

@vmt1989, I can certainly understand your concerns with your experience. We value your long-term membership and would like an opportunity to address your concerns. To do so, I am escalating your situation for further review. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly to discuss in more detail. Thank you. -Cynthia