Every year I have to provide USAA with proof of flood insurance which is provided by my Cal Vet mortgage.  Since 2007, I've been deployed every other year and I am not able to provide these documents if USAA doesn't notify me via digital means.  Last year I tried to upload the proof of flood insurance through the email service and was told it had to be faxed or mailed.  It is kind of difficult to do that in a deployed location.  Instead, USAA took it upon themselves to buy a flood insurance policy and added the cost to my mortgage.  This year, I faxed them a copy and thought I was done.  Last month I get a letter in the mail stating that I needed to mail them proof.  I did just that.  Today I open a letter from USAA stating that it's their second and final notice before they buy another flood insurance policy.  This will be the third time this year providing them proof.  I've been with USAA since 1996 and back then they were great.  Up until 3 or 4 years ago, the service has gone down the toilet.  


Major GPC,

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